First Bioprotectors For Iphone Made With Compostable Elastomer.

It is the world’s first bio-protector to be made from “PURE GD BioResin (GDH-B1)”, the first certified compostable elastomer. It was created by  Binith Shah, who later founded  Green Dot  together with his wife Elizabeth Rickard Shah, who is in charge of the case designs.

Green Dot ensures that the GDH-B1 is safe, durable and certified to meet demanding environmental standards. By using organic materials as a base, GDH-B1 has a very small carbon footprint, reducing global carbon emissions. The life cycle of a product made from GDH-B1 is completed when it decomposes back into organic matter. Products made with GDH-B1 compost  quickly, in about 12 months, it is the perfect alternative to plastic.

The first protectors to be released are custom-made for the iPhone 4 and 4S, they will be priced between $20 and $30. They are soft, flexible, but durable, as well as light.

Today,  Green Dot  has partnered with  Nite Ize  to manufacture products made with this new elastomer.

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