First Public Installation In Spain Of A Hybrid Solar System, Electricity And Free Hot Water

First public installation in Spain of a hybrid solar system

Fire Station 1 in the Picarral neighborhood in Zaragoza will be the first public building in Spain to have a hybrid solar installation (photovoltaic – thermal panels) for self-consumption, which produces electricity and heat (hot water) simultaneously.

The installation consists of 28 hybrid solar panels, which allow both the production of electricity and heat for domestic hot water. Annual savings of 9,618 kWh in electricity and 31,184 kWh in thermal energy are expected (960 and 2,500 euros respectively).

In the next few days, the first hybrid solar installation for self-consumption executed in a public building in Spain will be inaugurated in Zaragoza. The Zaragoza companies Endef and Dolmen IngenierĂ­a have already started the work of installing the plates in the Fire Station number 1 of Zaragoza and calculate that the set will be ready to go into operation at the end of February.

The fundamental difference with conventional solar installations, where the production of electricity and hot water are done independently, installing photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, in these hybrid installations the production of heat and electricity are generated in the same solar panel. A great advantage for installation in buildings with limited space for installation.

The installation has been carried out by Endef and Dolmen IngenierĂ­a. It has had a cost of 50,800 euros.

This installation is one of the actions carried out by the Zaragoza city council, with the aim of reducing its polluting emissions by 20% by 2020. Only this installation will avoid 18.6 tons per year in CO2 emissions.

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