First The Earth


The conservation of natural resources, landscapes, fertile and productive lands, drinking water and all existing animal species naturally require that we pay all possible attention to them so that they remain present and are not exterminated.

This is something that indigenous tribes and communities that live in full harmony with nature know perfectly well. These life teachings should be consolidated in the minds of all the people who inhabit the planet, but unfortunately, very few know how to take care of their environment or even value those they have in their lives. Food, oxygen, water, and living spaces will not last forever unless we begin to take proper care of resources.

The documentary “Primero la Tierra”, produced in Venezuela and directed by the Venezuelan Carlos Brito Reyes, who was also in charge of writing the script, shows on the big screen the concern for the environment from the perspective of several indigenous peoples located in Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela. They express their right to conserve the lands that they have protected for centuries and that live under the ancestral laws of coexistence that have survived for years, enduring through the transmission of knowledge generation by generation. So the legitimate right to conserve their lands, develop their lifestyles in a peaceful way and keep customs alive is the main focus of the film, which was released in 2015, lasts 1 hour and 26 minutes and generated a great collective reflection among the audience.

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