Fisker Emotion, A High-end Electric Car With 640 Km Of Autonomy

Fisker Inc., the second largest Danish carmaker, launched its first model at the Consumer Electronics Show and gave us some details on what to expect about this luxury electric car.

The supercar sedan, which Fisker hopes will steal customers from Tesla, should produce 775 combined horsepower from its multiple electric motors, have all-wheel drive and offer more than 640 kilometers of range from its massive 140 kWh battery. With 4 seats, it has dimensions similar to the Tesla Model 3. Top speed of 259 km / h and from 0 to 96 km / h less than 3 seconds.

Henrik Fisker, the founder of the company, says that the EMotion will have a starting price of $130,000 and will reach $190,000 “full equip”.

EMotion sits on 24-inch carbon fiber wheels wrapped in low rolling resistance Pirelli tires to enhance durability and enhance driving comfort specifically developed for the car.

At launch. Fisker Inc. plans to equip EMotion with a lithium-ion battery pack provided by LG Chem, the same company that supplies the batteries to Chevrolet for the Bolt EV, although solid-state batteries are a project for the future. These batteries have an energy density 2.5 times higher than lithium-ion batteries, so their weight and size will be much lower.

The company also plans to launch the Tier 4 self-driving capable car, but that depends on federal and state regulations in place when it goes on sale.

With a coupe profile, Fisker Inc.’s first model is a complete saloon and the company wants to make it as usable as possible inside. The company referenced the BMW 7 Series sedan for rear-seat legroom.

Fisker said the company will offer extended rails for the front passenger seat so that it can slide forward, turning it into a limo.

The company expects the first car to roll off the production line in 2020.


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