Flamethrower Tractors In Organic Farming: One Of The Techniques To Avoid Pesticides And Herbicides

Many farmers are looking for a quick way to get rid of all weeds in no time. At the moment, these farmers have yet to find something magical, but recently they have started using something that is very close. The flamethrower tractors.

In fact, those who work in the field know how annoying weeds can be, unless they practice an ancient (and organic) agriculture, which involves the coexistence of plants of all kinds within the vegetable and fruit crops to strengthen biodiversity, which, if you don’t understand it, even for us is the only viable one if you really want to talk about biodiversity protection and sustainability.

How flamethrower tractors work.

I know what you’re thinking. A flamethrower tractor, there is no way it can be real! Well that’s not all!

A flamethrower tractor is exactly what it sounds like: a farm tractor with a row of flamethrowers. Organic farmers use this type of tractor to remove any weeds or pests from their land before planting their new and valuable crops.

Although this technique makes it seem like farmers have gone crazy and started setting their entire field on fire, the result is actually quite sustainable. This method destroys the plant structure in the leaves of the weed. This prevents the weeds from photosynthesizing and, in turn, prevents them from growing further.

Advantages of the system.

Who would have thought that the flamethrower would reach agriculture? Well, it has arrived and it seems that it has many advantages!

Its main advantage is that weeds are destroyed down to the roots. As the flames destroy the cellular structure within the leaves and prevent them from growing further, the roots will eventually die because they will not get the necessary help from the sun.

Another advantage is that this process is that it is quite fast. Even the largest weeds can be eliminated within a few days.

And, perhaps the best advantage of all, this process can replace the use of pesticides and herbicides !

Pesticides and herbicides, while useful in ridding crops of insects and weeds, can also be harmful to the crops themselves and, consequently, to those who consume them. With the flamethrower tractor method, crops are completely free of these harmful substances!

These flamethrower tractors may seem like a joke, but the practice and scientific approach that supports them is quite compelling and the benefits are undeniable. Farmers love it because it saves them time and effort and kills weeds, roots, and everything else. And consumers love it because their vegetables can be completely pesticide free! Who knows what other crazy invention will come out of this world to make our lives a little better?

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