Folding Benches Made With Recycled Pallets

Folding benches made with recycled pallets

The street artist called R1 has made public his latest urban work, using pallets he has recreated six interchangeable mobile benches . R1 is mounted on wheels and can be moved around the city of Johannesburg, the city where the artist resides.

Thus he was able to observe the reactions of the public interacting with this fun piece of furniture in different areas of the city.

Folding benches made from recycled pallets1

The project was created as part of the “The Residence” program organized by Absolut. South Africa provided six artists who lived and worked together in an apartment in Maboneng, in the city center of Johannesburg, for two weeks in January 2014. During these two weeks, the selected artists met in that apartment so that They were able to work collaboratively and independently, thus developing creative ideas and solutions for the urban area of ​​Johannesburg.

Folding benches made with recycled pallets2

It is a project that can be replicated in a simple way. So if you need a bench, here is one with pallets to inspire you.

Folding benches made with recycled pallets3

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