Fontus, The Smart Bottle That Obtains Drinking Water While You Pedal

Fontus, the smart bottle that obtains drinking water while you pedal

Kristof Retezár, an industrial design student, has come up with this ingenious smart bottle that he has dubbed Fontus. Its function is to condense or extract moisture from the air while we ride our bicycle to generate drinking water by filling a bottle.


Generating water from the air.

It is the same thermoelectric refrigeration principle that is used in domestic dehumidifiers.


It is able to get drinking water even in the desert.

It works with solar energy and with that generated through pedaling. It is installed in the frame of the bicycle. It incorporates a carbon filter so that the water that is generated is clean.


It can generate up to half a liter of water per hour with ambient temperature between 30 and 40º, and between 80 and 90% humidity.

The water will be drinkable as long as the air is not polluted.


This invention was shortlisted for the 2014 James Dyson Awards. Kristoff Retazár launched the product through crowdfunding, obtaining a resounding success, so that he will be able to produce it on a large scale at a price below $100, just pending the patent.

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