Food Inc. The Truth About What We Eat

Food Inc. The truth about what we eat

The wave of documentaries that lately deal with fast food has substantially raised the controversy about the reality of everything that they sell us today as junk food. The fast food industry, pre-cooked and its derivatives, have increased and have become established as a necessity among people and families who do not enjoy enough time to cook or simply do not really know what they are eating, so you can see it in the documentary  Food Inc.

You will watch what you eat after watching FOOD INC.

The documentary Food Inc. analyzes from the point of view of a domestic consumer, how terrible and harmful certain products that we buy or eat in supermarkets and restaurants, and fast food chains can become. It highlights the importance of creating awareness about the consumption of foods with preservatives, colorants, emulsifiers and all those chemical additives that incorporate but that the labels do not include or do not clearly detail. It shows us the manufacturing processes of this type of food, with practices that often run over farmers, marking the sole objective of the massive sale of their products above consumer welfare or respect for the environment.

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Produced in the United States, it is based on the American economy and market, integrating primary sectors such as agriculture and production that work for the large companies that dominate the market. It begins by showing how animal husbandry is chemically intervened with hormones, fertilizers and other products that are harmful to health.

Director Robert Kenner along with screenwriters Elise Pearlstein and Kim Roberts, were in charge of capturing this horrible truth in images. With a duration of 1 hour and 34 minutes, it seeks to promote awareness about the importance of sustainable production and the need to manufacture products that are not harmful to the health of consumers.

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