Ford Transit Will Have An Electric Version

Ford Transit will have an electric version

The Ford Transit will be offered in a 100% electric version for the American and Canadian markets starting in 2021.

Made in the United States, the 100% electric Transit will be smart and connected, offering businesses a range of value-added services that will allow them to optimize the operation of their fleet of commercial vehicles. The future electric van will be equipped with a 4G LTE access point and a group of sensors that will monitor its operation in real time.

Ford has also been very careful about safety, as the future Ford electric Transit will be equipped with a number of safety and driver assistance (ADAS) features, such as automatic emergency braking or automatic lane keeping.

Unfortunately, for the moment, the manufacturer has not wanted to share any technical details about this model. Therefore, it is not clear what the engine will be and therefore it is not even known how much autonomy it will have.

This announcement follows last year when Ford announced that the electric version of the Transit would arrive in Europe in 2021. However, even then, details of the technical specifications were not shared. In any case, the brand has made it known that more details will be known later. We will have to wait.

Electric versions of vans like the Transit make a lot of strategic sense. These modes of transportation are almost always used on planned routes and never cover excessive mileage on a daily basis. These characteristics make them perfect for electrification. Currently, the Ford Transit is also offered in a Plug-in hybrid version.

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