Framework Tower, The First Wooden Tower In The United States

Framework Tower

41 meters high, it will be the tallest wooden tower built in the United States of wood, it is located in Portland and paves the way for other similar projects.

The world’s tallest skyscraper, designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, will soon be built in Vancouver. But first will come Framework Tower, which will be the first wooden skyscraper in the United States. Tests have shown that the wood is strong like traditional cement.

The tower, designed by Lever Architecture , will be in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. According to the project, the building will have 12 floors and will reach 40 meters in height, a height that is not very high in the world of architecture but if we talk about wooden constructions, it is a height that would give it the world record. Momentarily, since the Vancouver project will measure 53 meters.

The difference with the Canadian project, a hybrid structure, where glass and steel will be used to strengthen the wooden structure, is that in the case of Framework Tower, wood will be used as the main element in the structure and finishes. For the floors, Cross-Laminated Timber will be used, while Lateral Force Resisting System will be used as reinforcement, which will be used to laminate beams and columns. The bases will be made using traditional concrete.

The designers have envisioned two different compositions for the fa├žade: one will be decided shortly, one all glass, leaving the wooden frame, while the other will be equipped with movable wooden panels.

The building license came after a long and rigorous test to verify the proper functioning of the material used in terms of fire resistance, sound insulation and structural sealing. Test results have shown that buildings made from Cross-Laminated Timber,  in some cases, exceed the most stringent safety standards.

This project demonstrates the feasibility of using wood for the construction of tall buildings, which will pave the way for other projects in the United States.

It will have 42,000 square meters that will be used for homes of different sizes, five floors that will be used as offices, while the remaining 9,000 m2 on the ground floor will house space for shops. The tower will also feature a spacious rooftop terrace and 102 bicycle parking spaces, designed to promote sustainable mobility. A space accessible to everyone will be dedicated to maintaining a permanent exhibition dedicated to wood construction, highlighting the educational and didactic soul that this tower wants to have.

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