Free Online Course: Exploring Sustainable Energy

Free online course: Exploring Sustainable Energy

This course addresses the different concepts of sustainable energy, describes the technologies that can replace the current ones dominated by coal, oil and natural gas, whose polluting emissions pose a more than proven danger to our planet.

The course talks about the impacts caused by the transformation of energy to stimulate the development of changes in the forms and technologies of production and use of energy, understanding its physical origin, challenges, commitments and externalities.

The evolution of the global climate and the scenarios contemplated are studied. Based on them, the adoption of long-lasting natural resources is promoted, whose transformation emits the minimum environmental and climatic impact and whose technologies are possible to implement at affordable costs for society, considering that one sixth of the global population has not yet accessed to electricity or other energy services essential for its development. Effective solutions are proposed for mitigating climate change and options still under study are enunciated.


  1. Energy and sustainable development.
  2. The origin of energy.
  3. Climate change and externalities.
  4. Sustainable technologies.

A course at the Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile. You can enroll at


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