Free Online Course: Introduction To Geothermal

Free online course: Introduction to Geothermal

A free and online course from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, focused on introducing Geothermal exploration techniques to people interested in clean energy. It will provide them with scientific and technical information on the foundations and new currents to foster interest in geothermal energy.

The course includes frontier topics in Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics applied to the Exploration of geothermal resources, basic concepts of geothermal and its use.


Week 1.

General aspects of geothermal energy, origin and processes, uses of geothermal energy and economic aspects that imply its use.

Week 2.

Importance of geological techniques in the reconnaissance stage. How to identify and catalog all the geothermal manifestations on the surface.

Week 3.

Geochemical techniques used to meet the objectives of surface exploration, in which the analysis of the waters of the springs, the emissions of the fumaroles, the discharges of gases and the cold surface waters are made to make inferences in the conditions of the system hydrothermal.

Week 4.

Geophysical techniques used to define the dimensions and structure of the geothermal field: the area it occupies, the depth at which it is found and the main structures related to permeability.

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