Free Online Courses Starting In December

Free online courses starting in December

A compilation of free online university courses (MOOC), which we can find in both English and Spanish, of different disciplines and themes, organized, designed and taught by more than 50 recognized institutions and universities around the world.

Among more than 300 courses that are in the month of December, we have selected those that are more related to the profile of our followers, readers and friends. We hope they are of your interest and usefulness.

The registration process for each course will depend on the virtual platform that teaches it. All the information can be found in the links of the courses we share.

  • Green Marketing  – (Universidad de los Andes). How to create campaigns about services or products related to environmental sustainability.
  • Management in the family business  – (ESADE Business and Law School). Analyze the procedures and factors involved in running a family business.
  • 3D Printing Hardware  – (University of Illinois). In English.
  • Moral Principles of Everyday Life  – (Yale University).
  • Evolution Today  – (Universiteit Leiden, Naturalis Biodiversity Center). In English.
  • What a plant knows (and other things you didn’t know about plants)  – (Tel Aviv University). In English.
  • Oceanography: a key to better understand our world  – (University of Barcelona). Fundamentals of oceanography.
  • Wind Energy  – (Technical University of Denmark). In English.
  • Our Earth: Its Climate, History and Processes  – (University of Manchester). In English.
  • Energy 101: Global Overview  – (Georgia Institute of Technology). In English.
  • Global Environmental Management  – (Technical University of Denmark). In English.
  • Fundamentals of the Global Energy Industry  – (Colorado University System). In English.
  • Introduction to Sustainability  – (University of Illinois). In English.
  • Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants: New Paradigms, Technologies, and Applications  – (Rice University). In English.
  • Operation and Market of the Oil and Gas Industry  – (Duke University). In English.
  • How to Change the World  – (Wesleyan University). In English.

Courses that you can do at any time:

  • Basic carpentry course.
  • Bioconstruction on video.
  • Organic Garden.
  • The Biointensive Terrace.
  • Build your own autonomous electrical grid with Solar energy.
  • University of Cantabria:  Introduction to Sustainable Construction.
  • Introduction to Photovoltaic Solar Energy.
  • Sustainable consumption habits : Innovation engine.
  • Ecological principles for understanding environmental sustainability.

Complete list of free online courses of all subjects:

Universities with free online courses in Spanish


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