Free Online Courses Starting In May

Through the website Wwwhat’s new we have access to a list of university courses in English and Spanish, online, free and of different subjects and disciplines. Among the more than 200 courses that are compiled starting this May, at ecoinventos we have selected those that we consider most closely related to the profile of our readers. I hope they are of interest to you:

Note: To choose the free version of some of the courses, it is necessary to choose “Complete Course, No Certificate” or “Audit Course”.

  • Environmental sustainability of organizations in the circular economy (2nd edition)  Universidad de San Jorge  – 4 weeks. Analyze how organizations implement regulations on environmental sustainability.
  • Introduction to Direct Sowing.  National University of Córdoba  – 5 weeks. What is direct seeding, what are its advantages, performance and factors to consider.
  • Urban and peri-urban agriculture. National Autonomous University of Mexico – 4 weeks. It analyzes different concepts of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture, advantages and ways of applying them.
  • A Circular Economy of Metals: Towards a Sustainable Societal Metabolism.  Universiteit Leiden  – 6 weeks. Analyze the challenges related to the production and use of metals. (English).
  • Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries.  University of Cape Town  – 6 weeks. Analyze how they approach the climate change mitigation process in developing countries. (English).
  • Data Journalism for Sustainable Development.  CEPEI (Center for International Strategic Thought)  – 7 weeks. How to build data stories in line with the 2030 sustainable development agenda.
  • Dams and reservoirs for everyone (2nd edition).  Polytechnic University of Madrid  – 6 weeks. History, characteristics and operation of dams and reservoirs.
  • Introduction to transport demand models.  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile  – 5 weeks. Tools and methodologies that are implemented to model transport demand.
  • How to self-build your home.  National Autonomous University of Mexico  – 4 weeks.
  • Sustainable Urban Freight Transport: A Global Perspective.  Delft University of Technology  – 5 weeks. It analyzes the urban logistics that take place in some cities of the world.
  • Engineering Design for a Circular Economy.  Delft University of Technology  – 6 weeks. (English).
  • Solar Energy: Capstone Project. Delft University of Technology  – 12 weeks. (English). 

Via: 200 free online university courses that start in April.


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