Free Plans Of Ecological Houses Online

Free green house plans

These  green houses have been designed by renowned architects such as Frank Gehry, Canadian Pritzker Prize winner, for a project to rebuild a New Orleans neighborhood destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is promoted by actor Brad Pitt.

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. Thousands of people were left homeless. The United States Government housed many in manufactured homes, most of them built with cheap and toxic materials.

Actor Brad Pitt, through the Make It Right Foundation, launched a project to make affordable houses available to these people who had lost everything, but that were dignified, sustainable and healthy.

For this project, he turned to prestigious architects such as  Frank Gehry or Shigeru Ban. Brad gave them the mission to design houses that meet the requirements listed by Bill McDonough, expert in cradle to cradle design, that is, total recycling. The houses had to be designed to be built with recyclable materials, be powered by renewable energy – solar, include efficient lighting – LED, an efficient and beautiful design, and not least, be resistant to floods.

These plans are freely accessible and free to use: anyone can copy them and build a house designed, projected and signed by the best architects in the world. Descriptions of the technical solutions and materials that are applied in these houses can be found on the Make It Right Foundation website . Although the final price will depend on the builder, it is estimated that it may be around 960 euros per square meter (an average of 280,000 euros). Nothing cheap but they have the advantage that they are designed to pay for themselves in a few years due to energy savings compared to conventional houses.

We leave you the links to get the plans:

Adjaye-Design-Free Green House Plans

Billes Architecture (New Orleans) –  Plans

Free plans of ecological houses online

BNIM  (Kansas City) –  Plans

BNIM-Design Free Green House Plans

Concordia  (New Orleans) –  Plans

Concordia-Design Free Green House Plans

Constructs  (Accra, Ghana) –  Plans Eskew + Dumez + Ripple  (New Orleans) –  Plans

EDR-Design Free Green House Plans

Graft  (Berlin, Germany) –  Plans Kieran Timberlake (Philadelphia) –  Plans Morphosis  (Santa Monica) –  Plans MVRDV  (Rotterdam, Netherlands) –  Plans

Free online plans of ecological houses

Pugh and Scarpa (Santa Monica) –  Plans Shigeru Ban Architects  (Tokyo, Japan) –  Plans Trahan Architects  (Baton Rouge) –  Plans Hitoshi Abe  (Sendai, Japan) –  Plans

Shigeru-Ban Free Green House Plans

BILD  (New Orleans) –  Plans Billes (New Orleans) –  Plans BNIM  (Kansas City) –  Plans

BNIM-Design-Double Free Green House Plans

Building Studio  (New Orleans) –  Constructs Plans  (Accra, Ghana) –  Elemental Plans  (Santiago, Chile) –  Gehry and Partners Plans  (Los Angeles) –  Graft Plans  (Berlin, Germany) –  Plans

Free plans of ecological houses online for download

MVRDV  (Rotterdam, Netherlands) –  Plans Pugh + Scarpa (Santa Monica) –  Planes Ray Kappe  (Berkley) –  Plans Wagoner and Ball  (New Orleans) –  Plans William McDonough + Partners  (Charlottesville) –  Plans

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