French Hotel Chain Offers Accommodation In Bubbles In The Middle Of Nature


The conventional rooms have been replaced by large transparent bubbles surrounded by forests with spectacular views. A French hotel chain is looking for the most spectacular way to accommodate its guests surrounded by nature.


The 134 ampoules have been installed in four different locations in a French region. Contact with nature is one of the key differentiating factors of this hotel. In this accommodation, nature lovers have the opportunity to spend the whole night looking at the stars.


The Attrap’Reves was created by a family in 2010.


All rooms have a telescope and a sky map for guests to admire the universe. In addition, the night lighting of the facilities is done using flashlights.


According to Murielle Giovansili, representative of the hotel chain, it was designed with ecology in mind. The plastic that has been used to build the bubbles can be easily recycled, the impact of construction on the ground is almost zero. The housing can be removed from the site without great difficulty and consumes a minimal amount of energy.


Accommodation costs about 100 euros per night, but there are several cheaper packages for different periods of time.

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