Fresh Water. Drinking Water For All

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Fresh Water aims to ensure that all households located in isolated areas have the possibility of generating an unlimited amount of high quality water to satisfy their basic needs.

Although it really is an evolution of other projects already underway and of which we already spoke in eco-inventions, an advertising panel in Peru, a kind of wind turbine called  EoleWater  and  Watair panels that collect the dew from the air.

All forms of life, regardless of their nature, require two elements to ensure their survival: air and water. However, in the last 10 years, water has become a scarce commodity and, given the growing demand generated by the increase in population, the growing consumption of industry and climate change, large areas are overexploited, which it affects the health and quality of life of millions of people.

fresh water

They have developed a technological alternative to obtain water from the air, a good that is available to each of the inhabitants of this planet.

The project is made up of a large group of professionals, made up of engineers, industrial designers and water experts, with the aim of allowing millions of people around the world to have free access to water at a fair price; With this objective in mind, they have developed Fresh Water, a solution that combines technology and social good.

Fresh water design

In a simple operation, it allows to obtain high quality water without sodium, without fluoride, without heavy minerals, without chemicals or preservatives that guarantee the health of millions of children.

This solution works with solar energy, so it is self-sufficient, by taking advantage of relative humidity, it allows obtaining between 9 and 30 liters of water to meet the needs of families living in communities that lack this element.

Fresh Water has launched a crowdfounding campaign on Indiegogo with the aim of raising funds, to be able to extend it throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, where more than 34 million people lack access to clean water. They want to start with the delivery of the first 1,000 units with this campaign, in order to distribute the maximum possible throughout the planet in the future, to quench the global thirst.

In military technology, it can cost about $4,800, while Fresh Water will cost $320.

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