From Indonesia, Edible And Biodegradable Seaweed Wrapper

From Indonesia, biodegradable seaweed wrap

They last 2 years, dissolve in water and are edible. Indonesia begins to write the future of biodegradable seaweed packaging.

The controversy these days over biodegradable bags for wrapping fresh food in stores is likely to focus entirely on price equity and little on the real plastics problem: pollution. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, around 33% of the total plastic produced is used only once and then discarded, contributing to immense global pollution. Faced with this distortion, which affects the economy and society, one of the solutions to reduce pollution is to use materials that are more respectful of the environment, derived from renewable and natural resources.

Evoware, an Indonesian company, has found a way to produce biodegradable packaging based on seaweed, capable of withstanding a maximum of two years but soluble in hot water and fully edible.

According to Evoware, the development of the algae-based packaging industry in Indonesia can be strategic for several reasons: First, Indonesia is a major plastic polluter. From the island, around 90% of the biodegradable packaging of plastic waste ends up in the sea, there is a lack of industry and recycling culture. 70% of this waste comes from food and beverage packaging. Another reason to switch to algae may turn out to be the first response, the status of local producers. Although it is the first country in the world to cultivate seaweed, the productive sector is extremely poor, the families who work there suffer from malnutrition and other difficulties related to the scarcity of resources.

From the algae, however, it is possible to create durable and resistant packaging, they explain from Evoware: the company’s products are available in two varieties: one biodegradable, which can be used for packaging soaps and other non-edible items, and another Biodegradable and edible, to be used as a food wrap, for example to pack tea or any other fresh product. The almost tasteless and odorless edible container dissolves in warm water and is considered nutritious as it contains fibers, vitamins and minerals. It can be customized to have a specific flavor, color or logo printed on the film, it is printable and heat sealable, conforming to HACCP standards.

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