Genny, The Solar Fountain That Extracts Clean Water From The Air

GENNY, from Watergen, is simple to operate. It sucks in moist air through a filter on the back of the device like a dehumidifier and then cleans and blows it out the front like a standard water cooler.

In addition, it also purifies the air. It is capable of dispensing 13 liters of water per day using 9 KWH of energy, and it works at 15-40ÂșC with a relative humidity greater than 25%.

The latest model, Solar GENNY, works with the same technology but with clean energy, which is a great step forward. It can work offline, but it could have real value in delivering precious drinking water to less developed areas or areas in crisis.

Packed with the four 7-meter solar panels to power it – provided by another company – and including installation costs, it should cost between $5 and $8,000. While it is neither compact nor cheap at the moment, the prospect of a solution to the world’s water shortage deserves attention. It essentially turns the air and the sun into clean water.

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