Germany Generated So Much Renewable That It Paid People To Consume Electricity

Germany generated so much renewable that it paid people to consume electricity

Germany hit a new record in renewable energy generation on Sunday, May 8. On that sunny and windy day, at one o’clock in the afternoon, Germany generated 87% of electricity from renewable sources, 55 GW of the 63 GW consumed in the country.

As a consequence, the price of electricity became negative for several hours, so customers were paid to consume electricity.

Germany Solar2 neighborhood

The plan of the German government,  Energiewende, is to consume 100% renewable energy by 2050.

But not only is Germany experiencing a renewable revolution, in Denmark, at the end of last week 140% of its energy was generated  by its wind turbines, which allowed it to export electricity to neighboring Germany, Norway and Sweden.

The club of countries that have, at some point, been capable of generating 100% of their energy without burning fossil fuels continues to grow. Costa Rica, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Germany, and some small islands.

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