Ghana Bamboo Bikes. Making Eco-friendly Bamboo Bicycles In Ghana

Ghana Bamboo Bikes.  Making eco-friendly bamboo bikes in Ghana

It is not something new, nor does it use cutting-edge technology, but it is a great ecological initiative that offers an alternative to employment in rural Ghana. Bernice Dapaah opened a factory on the outskirts of Accra together with two schoolmates. There they make Bamboo bicycles.


Bamboo is a resistant, flexible and ecological material. In Ghana it grows in abundance. Comparing these bikes to traditional metal bikes, bamboo bikes require less electricity and no hazardous chemicals are used in their manufacture. They are light and stable, can be handled in rough terrain and to carry agricultural loads and passengers.

Ghana Bamboo Bikes materials

Ghana_Bamboo_Bikes women workers

After having received international awards for this undertaking, they no longer only sell their bicycles in Ghana, they export to the United States, Australia, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands through the internet. With the increase in sales, they have also increased the workforce to almost 100. Work for the unemployed in rural areas.

The initiative is supported by the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility, implemented by the United Nations Development Program.

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