Gosun Chill: A Portable Solar Cooler That Doesn’t Need Ice To Keep Food Cold

Now you can camp with the assurance that your food is in good condition. There is an alternative that does not require ice and you have several alternatives for loading.

An autonomous refrigerator is now available on the market that is characterized by being very quiet and sustainable. It uses the latest innovations in solar powered high efficiency compressor technology .

Most portable coolers use ice, take up a lot of space, soak food, crush it, or don’t cool it enough. This device was designed as a cooler to keep the temperature colder for longer.

As it does not require ice, it is more hygienic, it allows us to be calm without worrying about the food spoiling, the sandwiches getting wet or the drinks arriving hot.

The appliance has an AC adapter called a Powerbank, a 12-volt cord (car port charger), and flexible solar panels.

PowerBank plugs the AC adapter into any electrical outlet. Otherwise, use the flexible solar panel.

Each Powerbank is made of polymer battery is removable and provides a day ice. Its capacity is 12 volts, 15 amps and allows an average mobile phone to be charged 10 times.

Its weight is very light, barely a kilo, it has three USB ports and a 200 lumen light. The device has storage bags for accessories so that small items can be easily located.

If you need to transport a large load, the refrigerator has studs and straps, as well as wheels and ideal handles for traversing any type of terrain.

Although it has several ways to load, it has an emergency drain in case you need to use ice. Other accessories that it has, is a bottle opener.

The battery can keep everything cool for 14 hours on a 27 ° C day, storing drinks and food. If you do ice, the compressor runs full time and can reduce usage time from three to five hours.

GoSunChill is energy efficient. It uses only half the energy compared to a conventional portable cooler.

More information: www.indiegogo.com

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