Greenspace Gijón, The Intelligent Office Building That Generates More Energy Than It Consumes

An intelligent and bioclimatic building, which generates more energy than it consumes, discharges the excess into the network, captures rainwater for reuse and monitors its electricity consumption in real time.

The so-called GREENSPACE building is inaugurated with all its space occupied by the technology company

The building, located in the heart of the Margarita Salas Knowledge Mile, has as its main distinctive element a wooden photovoltaic pergola on the outside: it is an installation of panels that generate energy and provide shade to the southern facade of the building.

It has an air conditioning installation based on the generation of thermal energy using a heat pump with an automatic recovery system for the excess in certain parts of the building to take it free of charge to the areas of the building that need it.

In addition, it combines the use of underfloor heating in the lower floors and active floors in the rest of the floors, an innovative system that consists of inserting water pipes into the concrete slab itself, thus taking advantage of thermal inertia, minimizing the use of the HVAC equipment with the savings in energy and cost that this entails.

Likewise, the building has a specific software system that automatically manages the parameters of temperature, humidity and indoor air quality, so that a comfortable space is generated, and the elevators work with a solar battery charging system.

It has the LEED Gold rating, one of the most demanding sustainable construction standards in the world, being designed in line with the European circular economy strategy 2030.


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