Haaks Opperland, The Extendable Portable House Powered By Solar Panels

These little houses show us how we can creatively optimize small spaces and make them highly functional. Last on the list is the Haaks Opperland camper because it’s something we don’t often see – an expandable trailer ! This little caravan turns into a two-story house!

This caravan is actually a small house that offers improved space management.

Its compact structure is capable of being transported on a flatbed truck so you can take your house and turn it into a vacation home anywhere you want.

The flexible lifestyle goes hand in hand with pop-up home designs like the Opperland caravan that offers a sleeping loft as well as an open lower section for preparing your food and other activities.

A triangular pop-up roof transforms the wood clad caravan into your little home with all the amenities and appliances included.

There is a small bathroom at the rear of the caravan that includes a shower and the opposite staircase that leads to the upper level where a double bed fills the space illuminated by a whimsical triangular window located in the slope of the roof.

With the push of a button, the caravan extends its support legs, so that it can be anchored to the ground. The module is self-leveling and the automatically retracting roof unfolds its sleeping area.

The cabin offers a 45 liter drinking water tank along with a sewage tank and also features a water heater along with a Victron inverter to provide essential amenities.

It also has solar panels that provide clean energy that can allow you to travel for days. The small structure includes a kitchen with a sink, an induction cooker and an 81 l fridge / freezer. All powered by a lithium ion battery.

Large windows flood you with ample natural light and ventilation. The idea was to allow people to feel at home.

The Haaks caravan is proof to me that durability, comfort and beauty can go together. A bold and innovative design with which you want to be seen.

lberic Pater, Director of Sustainability at IKEA Netherlands.

Designer: Haaks Campers.

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