Harley Davidson Presents Prototypes Of Scooter And Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson already has an electric motorcycle model that will start selling in the fall of 2019. Now it has presented two prototypes characterized by being very light and without a clutch or gear.

Harley-Davidson is a renowned motorcycle company that produces a wide variety of models, from light motorcycles to large and heavy ones.

Live Wire ™, electric motorcycle.

Given its avant-garde character, they created an electric model. This is the Live Wire ™ motorcycle , which will be available fall 2019 for North America and Western Europe.

It incorporates a battery with a range of 177 kilometers, depending on the weather and driving conditions.

It can be loaded at any compatible point. It has a built-in charger that can be used in a standard household outlet.

The motorcycle has  HD ™ CONNECT SERVICE. It is a technology that produces a link with the mobile as it facilitates the connection of the equipment with the smartphone.

The system offers vehicle tracking via GPS and provides relevant information on the operation of the motorcycle.

At the winter games in Aspen, the company introduced a mountain bike and scooter, both electric. 

The new models present a totally different vision of mobility on wheels. This is because the electric propulsion system is small, therefore the dimensions are simplified.

The scooter is designed to be economical. They handle the idea of ​​creating various models and sizes; the intention is that it can be adjusted to the transport infrastructure of many cities worldwide.

Bicycles incorporate compact electric batteries that can be easily transported to any electrical outlet in the home.

Another relevant feature is that it does not have a clutch or gear. The engine is much quieter.

Harley Davidson partnered with a company called Alta to create other electric prototypes. They are currently working on four new designs, especially in the SUV line .


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