Haven, The Prefabricated Geodesic House For Those Looking For A Self-sufficient Home

Haven, the prefab geodesic house

Hyper-efficient, durable, adaptable and affordable. It is the letter of presentation of a new model of prefabricated geodesic house, designed for those who want a sustainable home and disconnected from the network, without that choice being translated into a long and complex construction process. With this alternative, between choosing the home model and releasing it will only take three or four months.

Baptized as Haven (refuge in English), this proposal is part of the American company Envirohaven, which seeks to revolutionize the sustainable housing market with its new model. The guarantees presented to achieve this objective are not few: a reduction of 33% of the materials used for construction; a 50% reduction in the time required to build the house and, finally, a more efficient house that allows cutting energy costs by up to 60%.

Haven, Prefab Geodesic House

All of the above is achieved without neglecting either aesthetics or comfort. Taking care of these aspects is clear after taking a look at this virtual tour, which allows you to discover all the corners of these homes; the way they solve the use of space and even views that, depending on the model, can be 360 ​​degrees.

With a minimum space of 148 square meters on a decagonal plan of ten meters, these prefabricated models are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, to combine different energy sources and to insulate the interior even in extreme hot or cold environments.

Haven, whose parts can be transported anywhere in a freight truck, is fully adaptable to the demands of those interested in making them their home. Thus, you can choose between one and four bedroom homes; with between one and three bathrooms and even with commercial areas.

Another thing that is also adaptable is the format for the purchase: from completely disassembled (with the plans, yes), which will allow to get the base of one of these houses from 79,900 dollars or, at the other extreme, as turnkey project; in which the buyer chooses and only has to wait for everything to be ready to enter and release his home. The starting price for this option is $192,000.

The promoters of these houses assure that Haven favors that those who opt for this model of geodesic house follow a “sustainable lifestyle” that, in this proposal, is reflected from three fields: the scarcity of construction materials; the use of space, as well as energy efficiency, with circular ventilation, high-efficiency windows and the possibility of incorporating photovoltaic panels, recycling of gray water, rainwater collectors, solar water heater, composting toilets or greenhouses.

More information on Envirohaven.

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