Helping The Chimpanzees Of The Semliki Reserve, Uganda

The first conservation project of the Biomas Association is underway!

The Biomas Association launches a crowdfunding campaign to expand the Semliki Chimpanzee Project station and thus contribute to the long-term conservation of the chimpanzee population that inhabits said reserve.

The Biomas Association (Bio +) is a non-profit organization whose objectives are the conservation of nature, environmental education for the conservation and sustainable development of the local populations where it operates.

Active since 2011, at Bio + we offer field courses for biologists, environmentalologists, veterinarians and related professions.

Since its existence, we have organized more than 15 courses in Kenya, Morocco, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Uganda and more than 180 students have gone with us to some of the most fascinating areas of the world.

The Biomas Association courses are the perfect educational complement for any student or recent graduate who wants to get started in field work and whose professional objective is the conservation of nature.

The research station that the Semliki Chimpanzee Project (SCP), of the University of Indiana (USA), manages in the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve, located in western Ugandan, is a small station dedicated to research and conservation of the reserve’s chimpanzees.

With the expansion that we are carrying out, groups of up to 15 students can be accommodated. This type of groups, educational in nature and with low impact on the environment, will contribute very significantly to improving the reserve.

On the one hand, to meet their needs, local employment is promoted, park rangers are hired to actively fight against poaching, who also see their work facilitated by improving access maintenance.

On the other hand, each group staying in the reserve pays a very considerable amount of money, between $2,500 and $3,000 per group. This money goes, in a very high percentage, to the conservation of the reserve and local populations.

Although the works have begun earlier and are expected to be completed by the end of July, the crowdfunding campaign has been operational since June 15 on the Verkami platform.

The initial objective of the campaign is to raise € 4,000 to cover the main expenses of the expansion, such as the construction of toilets and showers, the purchase of tents and their installation on elevated platforms, the improvement of common areas of the dining room and kitchen, and the payment of materials and the hiring of personnel.

Once this initial objective has been reached, the campaign has expanded objectives to increase the quality and quantity of the expansion, even installing solar panels in the best of cases, which would be to achieve the maximum that we have set of € 10,000.

Currently we have already reached 90% of those € 4,000 thanks to the collaboration of 83 patrons and it is now when we need a new impulse to reach that initial objective that we have set ourselves.

The patrons who participate in the crowdfunding campaign, with contributions ranging from € 5 to € 1000, will be able to see their role in the project recognized, follow the works of the station, the activities scheduled for this summer, obtain exclusive documentation about the extension and the chimpanzee project, and by the end of the year, they will be able to attend the opening of a photo exhibition about the project, the course that will take place there in August and other Bio + activities and the places where the we do.

Photos, a calendar and a book will be edited about this exhibition, which will be part of the rewards offered.

Follow the project on the Verkami platform: and on their website:

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