Home Test To Know The Ph Of The Soil

Home test to know the PH of the soil
Soil PH home test. Image: Pinkyone – Shutterstock

Today we share a home method to know the type of PH of a soil. A valid method to measure the PH of any type of soil regardless of its use.

We always worry about the structure of the soil or how to fertilize it, but we rarely stop to see the PH of our soil, a very important factor for the healthy growth of our plants.

PH is a value that measures the alkalinity or acidity of the soil. 7 to 14 is considered alkaline and 0 to 7 acidic.

All plants thrive in a neutral PH, around 7 (6-7). But there are plants that are better suited for more acidic or alkaline PH. Hence, knowing the PH of our soil before starting to cultivate or deciding on one type of crop or another lies. Or make amendments to correct the PH of our soil.

How to measure soil PH.

We will need water, vinegar, and baking soda.

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