Homemade Solar Heater Made In Brazil.

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Retired mechanic José Alano invented a simple and inexpensive energy-saving system, a solar water heater that is benefiting thousands of people. Here’s how to do it …

José Alano is a model of creativity in solving environmental problems in Brazil. In 2002, the retired mechanic transformed a pile of plastic bottles and cardboard boxes into a solar water heater. Since then, thousands of people in southern Brazil have benefited from Alano’s invention, saving money while reducing waste.

The idea came from the lack of recycling collection services in his hometown of Tubarão. Refusing not to be able to recycle plastic bottles, cardboard or other waste, made him see the problem: a city full of garbage.


Using their basic knowledge of solar water heating systems, he and his wife built a first version out of 100 plastic bottles and 100 cartons of milk. “It worked very well, and we got rid of our waste in a responsible way,” he says.

His initiative became well known in Brazil after winning an ecology award, offered by the Superinteressante magazine for non-profit renewable projects. Since then, the retired mechanic has been busy with workshops and lectures at community centers and schools, particularly in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, where he lives.

This water heater can offer energy savings of up to 30%, but other than that, every solar recycled water heater built also means fewer plastic bottles and boxes in landfills. Since Alano’s invention, Tubarão has benefited from the regular collection of recyclable waste, something that unfortunately still does not happen in many Brazilian cities.

Seen at: theecologist.org.

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