Honda Kaze. Wind And Solar Car.

The new Honda Kaze, a car design with zero carbon emissions, which is powered solely and exclusively by renewable energy, wind and solar. Designed as a prototype for a competition, the Kaze Honda incorporates some very interesting features. Its wide curved windshield is reinforced by transparent solar panels, capturing sunlight, which it then turns into a driving force. A sail stationed at the rear of the car can take advantage of the wind for propulsion. And for when the weather is stormy, with very strong winds, a tube that is integrated in the front increases its momentum even more.


Unfortunately, it is still just an idea. Even if it is just that, an idea, that car designers are thinking about cars that are self-supplied with renewable energy, is a step forward for car design. So perhaps even cleaner and more efficient vehicles than externally powered hybrids or electric vehicles may soon appear on the streets.


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