How And Why To Install An Insect Hotel In Your Garden

How to do and why install an insect hotel in your garden

For all those who like to enjoy biodiversity and nature in full splendor and also have an organic garden, it is necessary to imagine a garden where auxiliary fauna is one of our first priorities, so that we can increase the biodiversity of the garden. This fauna is of great help to maintain the balance in our crops, keeping pests or insects that come to feed on our vegetables or bring pollinators closer, since only because they are around our garden, production can increase a twenty%.

In another article we already saw how we could build a shelter for ladybugs to help us fight aphids on our plants, since it is one of their favorite foods, so, following this idea a bit, the option of installing an insect hotel or refuge is to provide a place where this fauna can rest or even if we are lucky to lay their eggs to reproduce.

It is important to know that an insect hotel does not attract auxiliary fauna, such as bees, lacewings or ladybugs, but once they are in our garden if they have a suitable place to stay and food, they will look for a refuge and what better if we can offer it to them. .

There are many models of insect hotels, this may be one more of them, but if it is worth highlighting something about buying a hotel, it is that we can do it totally free, with four pallet wood and remains of things that we can collect from the forest or From our garden, pinecones, thick branches or canes can be easily collected in many places, so this hotel will be totally free.

In the video, they explain what type of insects it can harbor to combat pests, such as aphids, whiteflies or caterpillars, in addition to certain pollinators. In addition, the orientation and how to place it in our garden.

Author: Toni Frito.

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