How To Clean Chocolate Stains From Clothes With Household Products

How to clean chocolate stains. Image: MrslePew Shutterstock

Do you know the correct steps to clean chocolate stains on some of the most common types of fabric?

Cleaning chocolate stains is difficult, especially when it is not possible to do it quickly, right when it has occurred. However, even in the latter case, don’t be alarmed: with a little patience and the right “allies”, you can remove the dreaded chocolate stains from your favorite clothes or tablecloth.

How to clean chocolate stains: practical advice.

To remove these stains, the first thing to do is try to absorb the dirt with talc, which is applied directly to the stain with the help of a dry cloth.

Alternatively, you can also serve a little flour (as in the case of grease stains) pressing on the area to be treated so that it penetrates the fibers of the fabric.

We must always try to clean chocolate stains from clothing with natural products that do not affect the fabric itself and do not harm the environment.

If it’s a particularly hard dry chocolate stain, try softening it with a teaspoon of liquid soap diluted in a cup of hot water. Leave the mixture to act for at least half an hour and proceed with a normal wash.

If the chocolate stain is on a white cotton cloth, treat it with a very hot salt water solution and a few drops of ammonia.

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How to clean chocolate stains: wool.

If you have stained wool garments, such as a classic sweater, the natural remedy to clean the stains is to immediately use water, alcohol and a few drops of lemon.

How to clean chocolate stains: silk.

Your favorite silk blouse… don’t worry! Take a glass of water, add a tablespoon of ammonia and stir. Now you can immediately soak the chocolate stain with the solution you have prepared and you will see it disappear quickly from your favorite blouse.

How to clean chocolate stains: cotton.

If you have cotton items stained with chocolate, we recommend that you immediately wet the stain with water, but immediately afterwards treat the stain in this way: take a saucepan, heat the water, pour it into a glass adding a small amount of borax and mix. Then take a clean cloth, dip it in the glass and rub the stain well, you will see that it disappears very quickly.

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