How To Convert A Bicycle To An Electric Using A Recycled Washing Machine Motor

How to Convert a Bicycle to an Electric Using a Recycled Washing Machine Motor

A classic bicycle converted to electric by adapting a used BLDC washing machine motor (1100W motor manufactured to run on 48V that can reach a maximum speed of 150km / h) ????

Electric vehicles are the future, electric bicycles are in fashion, there are hundreds of kits on the market to convert bikes to electric, even with homemade methods, but we have never seen anything like this.

This project can be found on Reddit, where it has quickly become viral. Intrepid inventor Jimminecraftguy has  turned his conventional bicycle into a super electric bike by reusing an old washing machine motor.

The result, an electric bicycle with a  1100W and 48V motor, maximum speed of  110 km / h.

The motor has been embedded inside the bike frame.

All the materials you have used are recycled and reused.

The system it uses is not the classic pedaling assistance system found in conventional electric bikes, but rather works like a motorcycle.

Here you can see the prototype in action:

The weak point of the prototype is the battery, you have not yet found one that suits your model.

Route and more details:

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