How To Germinate A Mango Seed Step By Step

How to germinate a mango seed step by step

We love to germinate all the seeds that fall into our hands, especially fruits that we like a lot and we are very curious to know what they are like, on other occasions we have germinated an avocado, a lemon, a pistachio, a chestnut and an acorn !

Today we wanted to experiment with mango, a very summery fruit that, in addition to being sweet, is very fresh. So I am going to explain an infallible method for your seed to germinate step by step as I show you in the video.

The mango, although we all imagine it to be a tropical fruit, is native to the Indian and Indochinese subcontinent, later it was introduced in countries with tropical climates with very good results, although it can also be cultivated in regions with temperate and Mediterranean climates. The fruit has inside the seed protected by what we popularly call bone, so we must start by removing this protection from the seed so that we can access and make it germinate much earlier, even if it seems very difficult in the video I show you the easiest way to do so and that the seed suffers as little as possible and we do not break it.

How to germinate a mango seed

After this we must do as with all the seeds so that they germinate we must provide the ideal environment that is nothing other than good humidity but without exceeding it because it can rot, we must provide darkness and a good temperature that really inside the house is more enough for a seed to germinate, there are many methods to provide these conditions, it could even be buried in a pot directly, but with the video method what we do is advance the days when the seed sprouts.

Finally, once it germinates, we will plant it in a pot with some depth so that the roots develop well and vertically, all this and the previous steps can be seen in the video, I hope it will serve you and help you in the process ! Enjoy the experience very much!

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