How To Germinate Chestnuts At Home

How to germinate chestnuts at home

For those of us who like to investigate and experiment at home germinating seeds or trying to grow plants from a clone, knowing that we can germinate our own chestnuts from some chestnuts that we buy in the supermarket or also from chestnuts that we can collect in autumn in many of our forests or parks.

To experiment with the chestnut we will not need much space to germinate it, and after it germinates we can have it in our house for a season while we see how it grows, that if, as soon as the good temperatures arrive we will have to transplant it into a larger pot or directly In our orchard or garden, another very nice option is to go to the mountains and repopulate our forests with our own trees, a very nice thing to do with children too.

The best time to try to germinate our chestnuts is in the fall when the chestnut trees throw their fruit on the ground, we can take advantage and go out one afternoon to collect the fruits taking a walk in nature. Although do not worry if you do not have a chestnut nearby where to go to look for them, we can always germinate chestnuts bought in the supermarket, that is, looking at the collection date of the chestnut on the label (it usually comes) and at home re-hydrating the chestnut to increase the possibility of sprouting, all this you can see in the video.

Author: Toni Frito.

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