How To Germinate Sugar Cane Step By Step

How to germinate sugar cane

If you have always been curious to see how you can have your own sugar cane when you saw a stall at a fair, where they sold sugar juice by crushing cane, this is the time to get down to work and enjoy its cultivation in your garden or garden.

It is something quite simple, with some basic steps, with which we can enjoy seeing how it develops. So do not hesitate, if you were curious if it was possible to put it in your garden, the answer is if for this we are only going to need a piece of cane that we can ask the fairground for a piece or collect it in the field if we recognize it.

Germinate sugar cane.

In the video he explains step by step how we should act and which cane we should choose, the ideal is always that the cane is not very dry and that it contains some small knots or buds between each piece so when choosing the cane, pay attention very well.

Like bamboo or river reed, sugar cane reproduces very well by “cutting”, that is, by planting green stems, but to anticipate that it sprouts or that due to lack of humidity it does not germinate, we are going to use several tricks so as not to risk that does not sprout. With this, we are going to advance the time of the outbreak and therefore increase the success rate.

Once the first buds have sprouted or roots have begun to grow, it is time to plant them in our garden in spring, for this we must always look for a very sunny place in our garden and the ideal is to be at the edges to avoid the whole garden invades us, because it is also invasive. We must prepare the ground and it must drain perfectly so that the new cane does not rot!

On the other hand, in temperate climates with cold autumns and somewhat harsh winters, this crop is not very advisable unless you can protect it because low temperatures and frost will kill the plant. Even so, we can always build you a small greenhouse for those months! Enjoy and prepare your own juices! You have all the information in the video.

Author: Toni Frito.

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