How To Get Tomato Seeds

How to get tomato seeds
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Many times it is interesting to get and obtain our own seeds from the vegetables that we grow ourselves, either because it is an interesting variety to keep or because it is quite resistant to diseases and pests or simply to save us some money, which in these times it doesn’t hurt at all.

In this article, Vegetables and herbs that you will only have to buy once, we propose a wide range of vegetables and herbs that you can grow yourself at home, without having to spend money.


To begin, we must select the best plant that we have and that we see that it is more resistant or that it has given us fewer problems or diseases, from that plant we must choose one of the best fruits from the beginning.

Although the tomato is a self-pollinating plant due to the action of some pollinating insects they can cross, the ideal is to have them at a distance of 250 meters with a variety of others.

How to get tomato seeds1

The rest of the process, I explain it perfectly in the video and you are going to see how simple it is to have our own seeds, to try to be more self-sufficient in the garden every day and spend less money.

An important step is to do a germination test as I mention in the video since it will help us to determine if it is interesting to keep those seeds well, because they have high germination power or discard them, because none germinates and we would waste time trying to do the hotbed.

Do you dare to get and obtain your own seeds? Are you doing it now?

Author: Toni Frito.

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