How To Graft A Fruit Tree Step By Step

How to graft a fruit tree step by step

Before we can talk about how to graft a fruit tree, we must understand a little, even roughly, why we graft a tree and for what purpose it is done. It is not always done on a commercial level to obtain better or larger fruits, or even more resistant or even self-pollinating. Sometimes it is done to get new varieties of fruit on more resistant trees or simply because we like a different variety or as it happens to me, for the simple fact of experimenting.

Before carrying out any type of grafting on a fruit tree, it is important to know a little about the compatibilities between the different fruit trees that we can use so that the graft is successful. We will not be able to graft any spike (branch) in any fruit tree that we want.

Obviously, the ideal is above all to graft quills on trees that are of the same family, that is, a variety of apple on another variety of apple. The best patterns will always be the border or frank tree born from seed that we can have in the garden. Normally, a pattern is chosen that is more resistant to diseases or that develops well in the soil in which we are going to plant it but in turn the quality of the fruit is not the most desirable, because it is small or with a bitter taste, it would be a typical case to make a graft.

You can graft in many ways and it also depends a little on the tree to be grafted, you can use the techniques of Bud, approximation or English, the one that we are going to explain today in the video is known as double cleft or crown, which is one of the most extended and what else are used. As each technique requires its way of doing it, the season also influences, for example those of bud is made closer to spring and the one that we are going to see is done in winter, at the end, just before the trees begin to wake up in spring. Pay attention to the video and I hope it helps you to prepare your grafts.

Author: Toni Frito.

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