How To Know Which Are The Best Photovoltaic Solar Panels

How to know which are the best photovoltaic solar panels
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The renewable energy market is constantly changing. We already have several options to make our energy consumption even more environmentally friendly. In this article we want to talk about everything that must be taken into account when choosing the best photovoltaic panels 2020.

How to choose the best photovoltaic panels 2020

If you want to install a photovoltaic panel system in your home to save on the electricity bill, you will find many offers on the market. Some will be cheaper than others, some with higher quality than others…… but what you want is an offer with a good value for money. So how do you choose the best photovoltaic panel?

It should be noted that the market for solar panels is at its peak, with a wide variety to choose from.

Currently we can choose cheap photovoltaic panels of Asian origin, or of “certified” European and American production, Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

At the time of purchase, we look little for quality, but price, and find that the world’s best-selling panels are produced in China. Following by: South Korea, Hong Kong and Canada.

The 10 best-selling photovoltaic panels

This is a 2018 ranking of the world’s best-selling photovoltaic panels.

Ranking 2018 Producer country
one JinkoSolar China
two Trina solar China
3 Solar Canada Canada
4 JA Solar China
5 Hanwha Q CELLS South Korea
6 GCL-SI Hong Kong
7 LONGi Solar China
8 Energy China
9 Shunfeng China
10 Yingli green China

How to distinguish the best photovoltaic panels.

There are not very clear benchmarks to distinguish the best photovoltaic panels, but some can be considered when designing our photovoltaic system. Criteria that will allow those without adequate technical knowledge to make the best choice.

Today the market has a wide variety of options, it is increasingly difficult to choose the best photovoltaic panels or the best value for money, especially for those who do not have a great knowledge of the market and a minimum of experience to unravel the complexity. subject technique.

The best photovoltaic panels

A good value for money, and the choice of the best photovoltaic panels, will determine the success of your investment, because the more reliable and better quality the photovoltaic panels are, the more energy they will produce, the better their efficiency and, over time, the investment. it will recover more quickly.

The choice will always be influenced by the efficiency of the panels and their effectiveness over time. A photovoltaic panel that does not produce the expected energy can be classified as poor quality. While a panel that produces constant energy over time will allow you to recover your investment, and reduce your electricity costs.

Therefore, the key point ” over time ” should be noted . Is that at the beginning, practically all photovoltaic panels generate the energy they should, when they are new. Only the best photovoltaic panels continue to produce energy equitably over time, even after several years.

A good photovoltaic system should be able to generate power for at least 20 years, with the inverter being replaced every 10 years. Even taking this into account, to remember that all panels have a reduction in performance over time, an estimated loss of about 1% per year.

Therefore, good quality photovoltaic panels, good quality inverters, allow the investment to pay off more quickly in the long term.

And the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels guaranteed in the long term will be essential for the choice of panels for your photovoltaic system.

In the market we will find several brands, some cheaper (Chinese and Asian) and others more expensive, apparently of higher quality, European (German, Spanish) and American. So what really matters is the performance guarantee.

We see some criteria to consider to distinguish the best photovoltaic panels:

Minimum Maximum
Efici e nce (%) 14% 22%
Maximum power 200 W 315 W
Maximum tension 28 V 40 V
Technology type Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon
Number of cells 60 96
Product warranty 5 years 10 years
Performance guarantee – 90% 10 years 12 years
Performance guarantee – 80% 15 years 25 years
Weight resistance 5400 Pa
550 kg / m2
8500 Pa
860 Kg / m2
Wind resistance 2400 Pa 2400 Pa
Temperature coefficient (% / ° C) 0.20 0.40
Operating temperature -40 ° C +85 ° C
Material Tempered glass Non tempered glass
Structure material Other material Galvanized aluminum
Length (mm) 910 1295
Height (mm) 1600 1955
Weight (kg) 18 36
Width (mm) 30 60

Without going into overly technical considerations, we can say that some of these criteria are useful to help distinguish the quality of one photovoltaic panel from another.

The most correct thing is to talk about indicators and not criteria, that is, useful indicators to take into account when dealing with a company that offers us its best photovoltaic panels.

There are also technical characteristics that always present the panels, solutions compatible with the connection to the network. And there are those who make the distinction between the best offers, these being the aspects that make the difference.

The best products also have slightly higher costs, and of course the higher costs generally correspond to better quality and good warranties.

Indicators to choose the best solar panels.

Experience equals manufacturer reliability. A point to keep in mind, even before looking at the technical characteristics of the type of photovoltaic panel. For a good brand, reliable, internationally recognized and with a history behind it, it is a sample of first quality guarantee.

Because a well-structured production guarantees solid long-term technical support and assistance, as a panel must last between 25 and 30 years.

The best-selling photovoltaic panels are also the most reliable. If you have doubts between two products, you should choose the one that sells the best. Because in the world market for photovoltaic panels, there is no doubt that the largest producers and distributors are the ones who can offer the best guarantees on their products.

And among the best-selling photovoltaic panel brands in the world in recent years are: Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Ja Solar, Hanwha Q-Cells, GCL-Si, LONGi Solar, Risen Energy, Suntech, Yingli Green, First Solar, Renesola, Sharp and SunPower.

Therefore, when in doubt, you should choose photovoltaic panels from these brands.

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