How To Make A Free Ladybug House

How to make a free ladybug house

Ladybugs have always been closely linked to spring and the countryside, they are great collaborators in the garden and stabilizers of pests such as aphids, in the garden they are the perfect allies to keep them at bay and protect our small plants. Ladybugs have long declined their population and now it is much more difficult to see them flitting around the field, thanks to many pesticides that kill their food.

How to make a ladybug house in your garden

In addition, surely more than one of us would like to see them in the garden or in the orchard working and reproducing, so we cannot stop doing this little DIY so that the few ladybugs that come to the garden stay and form a colony, in Our homes, having this little house or shelter, they will not go much further and will spend the fall and winter in our garden.

How to make a free ladybug house

This little house is very easy to make and on top of it is almost free ! since we are going to do it with pallet wood that we can collect anywhere and some bamboo poles (where they will live and hibernate). Once finished, we must install it in the garden in the correct way so that they are comfortable. Cheer up !!!

Author: Toni Frito.

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