How To Make A Fruit Picker With A Plastic Bottle

How to make a fruit picker from a plastic bottle

Today we are going to learn how we can make a fruit picker in an easy and fast way. We will use a 2-liter plastic bottle as the basis for this project. Although really the size of the fruit you want to collect is what will give you the size of the bottle you need.

First we mark the bottle as we see in the image:

Fruit picker

We proceed to cut by the marks with a scissors or cutter.

Fruit Picker1
Fruit Picker2

Now we are going to make a handle for the picker. The size will depend on the height at which we have to collect the fruits. We can use any piece of wood or branch. We must model one of the ends of the handle so that it can be inserted into the neck of the bottle.

Fruit Picker3

To fix it we can do it with a screw.

Fruit Picker4

And voila, you have your home collector ready to work.

Homemade Fruit Picker


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