How To Make A Hobbit House With A Green Roof In Just 3 Days

How to make a Hobbit house with a green roof in just 3 days

Can you imagine living in just under 40 square meters, in a small house that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but has all the comforts of a conventional home?

Green Magic Homes fabricates such homes using vaulted pre-fab panels and covers them with soil, creating flexible green roof spaces with Hobbit village charm. They are so easy to build that almost anyone can build one.

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How to make a Hobbit house2

The Green Magic Homes modules   include custom made doors and windows, in aluminum or wood.

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How to make a Hobbit 4 house

These Hobbit houses are made up of prefabricated vaulted panels made of laminated composite materials, confined by walls in a reinforced floor. The structure is easy to assemble and has perforated wings for screws to connect all the components.

The blocks are made of a material composed of plastic and fiber, known as FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer).

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Thanks to this efficient technology, designs can be adapted to any topography and modified to personalize them to your individual needs. The good news is that customers can start small and then buy panels to mount the modules you need. It takes only three people to assemble the structure in three days, with no special skills or heavy equipment to assist them.

FRP is used in 95% of the construction, providing the house with impermeability to water and resistance to earthquakes. They are designed to support up to 20 cm of soil to set up your own garden.

How to make a Hobbit house

The technology is based on various earth building and stabilization methods such as superadobe and geotextiles. It has its channels for electrical wiring and water pipes, as well as mechanical ventilation ducts that can be added to the house at any time. The trick to this type of construction is to achieve adequate ventilation and perfect waterproofing.

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It incorporates conduits for electrical wiring and water – sanitation pipes, mechanical ventilation ducts, which can be added to the structure in any place required.

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They market different models and sizes of prefabricated houses. The largest is the Mediterranean model, with 180 m2 and a price of $67,000. It has 4 bedrooms with their toilets. The smallest model is Waikiki, with 37 m2 and a price of $15,000. Within the range we find another ten different models.

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