How To Make A Home Solar Heating

Project: Le Père Michel

We can incorporate green technology into our home without spending too much money, using our hands and recycled or reused materials. New projects arise every day so that we have technology at our fingertips that a few years ago we didn’t even think about.

Today to learn how to make a homemade solar heating with beverage cans, an ideal project to heat small spaces such as a room. We can also reduce our electricity bill in a substantial way. This heater is ideal to place where there is direct sunlight and for arid areas with little rain.

Instructions for making a homemade solar heating with soda cans.

1. Assembling the ducts.

How to make a home solar heating1

First step, find 196 soda cans to recycle. In each of the cans we will make a hole in its upper and lower part.

We wash the cans to eliminate possible remains of drink and garbage.

How to make a home solar heating2

We join the cans with high temperature silicone. We have to form columns of 14 cans, 14 columns of 14 cans.

How to make a home solar heating3

Through these ducts the air from our home solar heating will pass.

2. Assembling the collector drawer.

The materials that we will need will be the following:

  • Plywood boards.
  • White glue for wood.
  • High temperature silicone.
  • Rock mineral wool (as insulation).
How to make a home solar heating4

We cut the boards to the desired size. We make the joints with white glue and nails.

How to make a home solar heating5

Once the drawer is attached and dry, we will insulate it with rock wool.

How to make a home solar heating6

We take a piece of wood the size of the drawer and make 14 openings in it with the measurement of the circumference of the cans. This is where the conduits will fit.

3. Assembling the parts.

How to make a home solar heating7

Attach a bead of silicone to the end of each can chute and attach it to the hole in the wood. Repeat with all 14 conduits.

How to make a home solar heating8

We open two holes in the collector drawer, through which the tubes that will transport the air in and out of our home solar heater will be connected. We place an aluminum tube in each hole (one will be for the inlet and the other for the air outlet).

How to make a home solar heating9

We paint the columns with matt black caloric paint in order to absorb more heat and our home heating to gain efficiency.

How to make a home solar heating10

We cover the box with polycarbonate.

The heater can heat the air to a continuous 70-80 ° C, making it a fantastic option to reduce our consumption of electricity or natural gas.

How to make a home solar heating11

If you want more details about the procedure, here are three videos with more details:

Another project to make a home solar heating.

Home Solar Heating

From the north of the US, specifically from Vermont, this other heating comes to us. And it seems that some when it is very cold sharpen their wits in an unforgiving way. This is the case with an amateur inventor who has made his own solar heating.

With a wooden box, a few cans of soda, black paint … and some other component, that if all of them from the garbage, he has made his winters warmer without spending a dollar.

Anyone who likes the idea, or does not have a good pasta and is cold, can go through the  blog where it has complete instructions to make your own homemade solar heater. The manufacturing instructions are in English, but here is a Spanish translation that will help you.

UPGRADE. Here you have the instructions for the manufacture of the improved Home Solar Heating v2.

Home Solar Heating v2

How to build a homemade Solar heating for less than $50.

How to build a homemade Solar heating

Finding a cheap and efficient way to heat your home in winter can be difficult in some cases, but with a few helpful tricks you can solve this problem in a weekend.

There are different types of heating that can be built at home, but this homemade solar heating is among the best. The best part is that it will use solar energy to generate enough heat to make your home warm and cozy.

You can build this solar oven at home, your own heat to easily heat more than one room.

The whole project will not cost you more than $50, so the economic issue is definitely not a problem to carry it out. You can follow this video-tutorial that will guide you step by step in this ecological project.

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