How To Make A Homemade Lantern With Recycled Material

How to make a homemade flashlight with recycled material

Today we are going to  learn how we can make a homemade lantern with recycled materials. A craft that you can do even with the smallest of the house.

How to make a homemade flashlight.

The basis of the project will be a plastic bottle, which together with ice cream sticks, glue and the necessary electrical material, will make us have a good time and be able to make our own homemade flashlight.

We will need two medium-sized bottles, a small saw that can cut plastic, a utility knife, scissors, a glue gun or equivalent that can glue plastic, some pliers, copper wire, rechargeable batteries and an LED bulb. It is everything you will need to make your own homemade flashlight.

Children can learn more than you imagine with these projects, beyond the flashlight being more or less effective, the little ones in the house can learn concepts that later they can use for more complicated projects. Cheer up! Feed your imagination!

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