How To Make A Homemade Oven To Smoke Food

Preserving food today in a natural way is more complicated than it seems. One of the solutions is a smokehouse, smokehouse or smoking oven. Doing one of these projects in your backyard is not an easy task.

First of all, the smoking technique subjects food to smoke to increase shelf life. There are different techniques and methods, today we are going to share two projects that we liked in case they inspire you.

The tools that we will need are:

  • Drill.
  • Palette.
  • Saw.
  • Level.

The materials we will need are:

  • Cedar wood that has not been treated. The huts are built with wood that does not emit toxins.
  • Pipes to connect the oven and the shed.
  • Oven door, to open and close it.
  • Concrete blocks as the base of the shed.
  • Clay bricks.
  • Refractory bricks.
  • Refractory clay.
  • Cement.
  • Various hardware.
  • Door hinges.
  • Lockable latch.
  • Crank for the door.
  • Metal mesh.
  • Steel plates to cover the oven.

Its operation is simple, through the tube that comes out of the oven, the smoke will reach the smokehouse, treating the food. The house must have a chimney through which the smoke will come out, making it circulate constantly and not accumulate.

It is recommended to use fire bricks to maintain as much heat as possible. The bricks will be joined with fireclay, to avoid leaks. In this first project, in addition to the smokehouse, a space is incorporated to store the firewood.

Very important, the wood for the oven can be any as long as it is not treated or is resinous wood.

The time that is needed in the smoking process will be different depending on the food, it can go from 1 to 10 days. Experience will give you the solution.

Project 1.

Project 2.

Full Manufacturing Instructions:

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