How To Make A House With Pallets Step By Step

How to make a house with pallets

Pallets are like Lego, you can build practically anything with them. Until now we had used pallets to make fences, furniture, swimming pools, even chicken coops, but we had not yet seen the possibility of using them to make a house, although we did talk in its day about how to make houses with PET bottles. Keep in mind that pallets have their limitations, but they can be very useful to make  a small house or an ecological and very economical shelter .

It is evident that to make a house we will need many pallets. We will have to disassemble the boards of some pallets to fill in the gaps that we will use in the construction, since the pallets that we use for the house should be as a platform, we will use them for the floor and the walls of the house.

house built with pallets

In the video you can see the construction process of a house with pallets, the result is really surprising:

In this video tutorial we will discover some basic instructions for the construction of our house with pallets:

In this Trash article you can find an almost complete project.

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