How To Make A Purse By Recycling A Brick

How to make a purse by recycling a brick

We are going to see how to make a very original purse by recycling some tetrabrick that we have at home. You can take the brick that seems most beautiful to you. This one is made with one of juice, but anyone is worth it, so you can choose the colors for the design. 


  • An empty juice / milk carton.
  • Thin electrical tape from hardware store.
  • Two self-adhesive velcro.
  • Scissors.


The step by step is very simple. We can do it with children if they already know how to handle scissors (yes, remember that they should always be round-tipped).

To start we will  cut the ends of the tetrabrick to leave it open on both sides. Then we cover these sides with the insulating tape so that the aluminum does not cut.

We continue to  fold the brick on itself, not in half, you have to leave a little more for it to close later. Choose which side you fold so that the most beautiful part is out, which is what you are going to see.

With the excess part we make the  flap of our purse  to be able to close it well.

We put two  staples in the folds of the inside of the purse and we glue the self-adhesive velcro to make the closure. If the velcro does not stick well, we can stitch with a needle and thread and even staple them.

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