How To Make A Seedbed Of Aromatic Plants

How to make a seedbed of aromatic plants

Aromatic plants are essential in any organic or urban garden. They are plants that help us in the cultivation of other plants and partly they also help us to fight pests in a natural way, without the need for chemicals. Many of them are also used for infusions, home remedies or recipes, which is why it is ideal to always have one of these plants in our garden.

They are plants that take time to germinate, so do not despair, if you see that 8 or 9 days have passed and they have not yet germinated, some even take up to 15 days.


Little by little we will get to know more aromatics in EcoInventos, aromatics that are helping us in the garden, but today we are going to see some of the most important that we can sow, and incidentally learn how we can make the seedbed in a simple but effective way. time! I leave you in passing a small paragraph of the aromatics that we sow in the video so you know what benefits it has.

  • Lavender : It gives off a lot of smell and attracts polishers to the garden. There is also a lavender preparation to kill the ants, mixing 300 grams in a liter of boiling water.
  • Rosemary : Repellent for pests, mosquitoes, flies … even something toxic for some caterpillars. The strong aroma of rosemary is an excellent flea repeller. Rosemary, in addition to its antiseptic properties, keeps the carrot fly and chrysomela away from the beans. Culinary use and pickles.
  • Basil : It helps us with pests, it is very common to plant it between peppers and tomatoes to drive away insects, it is also a plant that associates very well with tomatoes and will improve their growth. Culinary use.
  • Thyme : Thyme like other aromatics attracts bees and repels harmful insects. For example, in the garden it repels the flies that attack the cabbages. Medicinal plant for headaches … Culinary use, pickles.
  • Oregano : This plant attracts pollinators to the garden with its smell. Culinary use.
  • Parsley : Culinary use.

And now we are going to see how we can plant them, in our seedbed! I hope that you are encouraged to grow your own aromatics and enjoy their smells and flavors very much!

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