How To Make A Sieve, Sieve Or Sieve

How to make a sieve, sieve or sieve

Many times in the garden or in the urban garden we will need to have a sieve to strain the earth or sift it, to prepare our seedbeds or to remove remains of other crops or even stones. We will also need to sift our humus once we have it finished, to sift the mature manure or simply for compost , the usefulness of the sieve is infinite and whenever we can we should have this tool at hand.

So, what better way than to make ourselves a sieve, sieve or sieve, at home and recycling materials, so that it comes out as cheaply as possible, for free because we may have the necessary materials at home.

How to make a homemade sieve

We do not have to make it very large, the best of all is a size that is manageable for our arms, to make the screen in a comfortable way. That is the fundamental thing to know how to make a homemade sieve, the measurements that I give you in the video are for my arms.

Materials to make a homemade sieve.

The material that we are going to use is the following:

  • 4 Recycled pallet boards.
  • A box of fruit.
  • A mesh that we have at home, or failing that, buy it, of 5 mm.
  • Nails, screws, carpenter’s glue …
  • Slats 4 mm thick.

Instructions for making a homemade sieve.

How to make a Sieve

Let’s see in the next video, step by step how we should do it, you will see how simple it is and surely you will quickly start doing it at home;), forward video !!!

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