How To Make A Vertical Garden Reusing Plastic Bottles

Vertical garden with plastic bottles

The Brazilian design studio ROSENBAUM, has collaborated with the TV program Caldeirao do Huck, in the realization and improvement of homes for families with few resources. In one of their last works they have solved a wall or vertical garden  using plastic bottles.

An ingenious solution that has enchanted the community.

home vertical garden
Vertical garden reusing plastic bottles3

Humanity has a big problem with recycling containers or bottles made of different plastics, normally with the recycling of PET, which we use for different products, such as plastic bottles used for soft drinks or water.

pot with pet bottle

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The solution provided by the ROSENBAUM Study is to use these bottles to make a vertical or hanging garden, economically and very simply. Only two-liter plastic bottles, strong rope, and two washers are needed per bottle.

Vertical garden reusing plastic bottles1

Four small holes are made and the bottle is cut at the top.

We can see how with very economic means very interesting solutions can be given. Many of us have exterior walls in our houses, we encourage you to make a vertical garden like that of the Brazilians.

Here you have a video as a practical example to be able to carry out this type of work with bottles:

Other examples of vertical gardens with plastic bottles can be:

vertical gardens with plastic bottles 1

A structure, using simple ropes and bottles, that will create a growing space where you did not have it.

vertical gardens with plastic bottles

In this you can use a pallet structure to support the set.

vertical gardens with plastic bottles 2

Or even in the form of a tower it is also a good idea:

vertical gardens with plastic bottle towers

If you like or want to reuse or recycle plastic bottles, here is a video with many more ideas:

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